Au Natural

European White Oak milled in France and Germany is the foundation for The Known Collection Naturals. The Naturals – along with our Reactives, Smoked and Walnut series –is stained and finished in the United States. This process allows for great flexibility for customization, including a wide range of widths, grades, cuts and colors. The Known Collection of European White Oak engineered planks range in length from two feet to ten feet. 85% of the material six to ten feet.

The Known Collection Naturals can be specified in a number of standard widths. Our wood cuts include French cut and Rift & Quartered. All of these can be ordered with a Class A fire treatment for beautiful vertical applications. Custom plank lengths, widths and finishes are also available.

3/4″ Specification Sheet – Nosings
5/8″ Specification Sheet
5/8″ Specification Sheet – Nosings
Stair Tread Specification Sheet
Grading Specifications
Installation Instructions
General Care and Maintenance