Similar to the Reactive series, our Smoked or “fumed” wood has been exposed to ammonia which reacts to the natural tannins in the wood to bring out the natural colors and variations within the wood. The spectrum of caramel tones of the wood is a result of the smoking process and the range is broader than a typical stained floor. Over time some of the range will dissipate and to create a more unified appearance.

European White Oak is the preferred species for smoking/fuming due to its high tannin content which brings out an intense darker color. Because the intensity of the reaction depends on the tannin content of the wood, each board reacts a little differently from the next, creating color variation that is more pronounced than untreated wood.

The Known Collection Smoked can be specified in a number of standard widths and can be ordered with a Class A fire treatment for beautiful vertical applications. Custom plank lengths, widths and finishes are also available.

3/4″ Specification Sheet
3/4″ Specification Sheet – Nosings
5/8″ Specification Sheet
5/8″ Specification Sheet – Nosings
Stair Tread Specification Sheet
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